Using the mail plugin

I uploaded my grav site on a public hosting site. I’m using the email plugin, in my local host I changed the settings so I the site visitors can send the email by using google SMTP. It only works if I make my Google account allow access for less secure apps.

How can I configure the settings so I can use the plugin without allowing access for less secure apps ?
Also, on the public host I get an error “getmypid() has been disabled for security reasons” when I try to send an email from my site.

I haven’t run into this issue before, but I was reading something about it (, and this happens if you DON’T have 2-step verification on your Google account (that’s why I never run into this).

With this step, you generate an app-specific authorization token instead of your password, and Google does not complain.

About getmypid(), ask your web hosting to enable it. It’s used by the library used by the Email plugin to deliver the emails.

thank you for shedding some light.I 'll see what I can do with my Google Account and ask my web hosting about the function.
Thanks again

Solved the problems :
2.My web host replied and said email is disabled in free hosting plans.

What I did:
I removed the function by following the link in 1 .
I activated 2-Step Verification for my Google account , then created a passowrd for my Email plugin following the steps here: