Using FontAwesome 5 with Shortcode core

Hi all, I’d like to use FontAwesome 5 in my pages. I enabled “Use Font Awesome vers.5” in the plugin settings and used this url

then i added this shortcode in the page

[fa icon=camera extras=fas /] Camera

it works nicely, but what if I want to have an extra sizing?

I tried with:

[fa icon=camera extras=fas /] Camera <i class="fas fa-camera fa-5x"></i>

this way I have a small camera, called by the first part of the shortcode, and a big one, called by the i class
How can I have just one big camera icon?

I tried also with

[fa icon=camera extras=fas fa-5x /] Camera

but with no success

What am i doing wrong?

What’s the plugin? What if you wrap in quotes fas fa-5x? Eg. [fa icon=camera extras="fas fa-5x" /]

The plugin is Shortcode Core version 5.0.4
Your solution works perfectly, but not for every icon: if I try “bone” I’ve only a big square instead of the icon, if I use “camera” it is displayed correctly