Use the taxonomy value as classname for styling

Hi, i am using taxonomies to categorise my content. Now I would like to style each category differently. so lets say all posts with ‘taxonomy: category: - apple’ have a green background. And all ‘taxonomy: category: - berry’ have a red background.

How can I use the category name as a class for styling?

I tried in de base.thml.twig:
<body class="{{ page.header.taxonomy.category }}">

but that doesnt work :sob:

How do I do this?

Thanks for help!

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Great idea, you just have the Twig expression slightly wrong. I had to check in the docs for the correct expression, so don’t feel bad :slight_smile:

page.taxonomy.tag would work, but it’s an array because you can have more than one term. If you know there’s always one, try page.taxonomy.tag|first. Otherwise you need to compile a delimited string of classnames composed from each term: page.taxonomy.tag|join(' ') should do it.

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ooh :scream: I think thats it what I mean! Thank you!!

I am new to grav/programming and I think I need to check these theme variables a bit more. they seem quite – cool :wink:

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