Use images instead of icons in

I’m using the deliver theme and I 'd like to set images in a grid instead of the font-awesome icons.
Replacing ‘icon’ with e.g. ‘image’ won’t work. only explains how to insert images in markdown.
But the grid content is in frontmatter.

Can you tell me how to solve that?

Here’s the frontmattter code for one of the grids:

header: 'header text'
text: 'main text'
icon: wheelchair
linkurl: contact
linktext: 'link text'

The variables that are set in the frontmatter are used in the theme templates. Have a look at how the portfolio templates uses images. I’m sure you can apply that to the template which is creating your grid.

I ve found the following code in templates/modular/features.html.twig

<div class="feature">
{% if feature.icon %}
<i class="fa fa-fw fa-{{ feature.icon }}"></i>
<div class="feature-content icon-offset">
{% else %}

How can I add the new type ‘image’?

On this forum a similar question has been answered. It contains some code examples that are helpful I think.

The topic is interesting, but all my efforts didn’t work
Either I got an 500 Error or it just didn’t show up.