Grav skeletons Icon Change?

Dear forum members, I am new to this forum. I try to find answer to my question on this forum, but unfortunetly i cant find it.

How can I change the default icon like in this Grav skeleton? ->

In yaml code I see:

  • header: Crazy Fast
    Text: "Performance is not just an after thought, we baked it in from the start!"
    Icon: fighter-jet

I want to change “icon: fighter-jet” to my own icon

Best regards,

Hi! The icons used there are FontAwesome icons. You could replace it with any of the available icons from that pack - like “icon: beer” or “icon: rocket” etc., as long as it’s from the FontAwesome pack. I’m not sure how you’d easily use your own custom icon however, sorry.

Thank you! This information was very usefull. Mayby I can find some icons that i can use in my projekt. But if somebody know how can I use my own icon i will be grateful :slight_smile: