Use Antimatter and Learn2 Theme on Same Site

I would like to use both of these themes, I have copied both of the themes into my /user/themes folder as well as copied the sample pages for the Learn2 theme intoa new page folder. My site starts in the Anitmatter theme and want to switch to learn2 theme when any page from a specific parent folder is used. How do i accomplish this?

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7

@rhukster sorry I guess I should have put this in the Themes channel

Hi Robert,

I just recently answered the same question in the gitter chat. However, for the sake of completeness and for others having the same question I will post it here again. Further your question has been asked in a while ago. You can find some informations in these posts!/general:what-is-best-way-to-handle and!/general:one-website-two-themes.

In your case maybe Themer will be the right tool for you. According to your folder structure you only have to place a in your user/pages/05.documentation folder with the content

title: Documentation

theme: learn2
template: docs

as the page header (as usually enclosed with `---`, which unfortunately is not possible here to post).

Themer did the trick for me. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.