URLs marked as code are rendered as links. How to troubleshoot?


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I have a few URLs escaped as code with backticks, like this:

...`it.name.com\`in italiano...

However, when I visit the page the links are shown as code just for a second and afterwards rendered as links. I don’t know whether this depends on Grav configuration, the theme or the browser. I discarded the configuration, because I already have Auto URL links set to disabled (see https://i.imgur.com/UDegNj7.png)
and the same behaviour appears on Edge and Chrome (so apparently not a browser).

I also thought it was a Markdown extra thing, but disabling that option doesn’t change it.

I don’t know how to stop this behaviour, nor how to troubleshoot it.

Any help will be appreciated.

Kind regards,

I see source looks fine

<li><...> (per esempio: <code>name.com</code> <...>, <code>it.name.com</code> in italiano, <code>de.name.com</code> in tedesco, ecc.)</li>
<li><...> (ad esempio: <code>name.com</code> mostra il sito in inglese, <code>name.com?lang=de</code> in tedesco, <code>name.com?lang=it</code> in italiano, ecc.)</li>
<li><...> <code>name.com</code> per l’inglese, <code>name.com/de/</code> per il tedesco, <code>name.com/it/</code> per l’italiano, ecc.</li>

So my bet is some browser default setting maybe. Edge is also based on Chromium, so no wonder it behaves the same. What about FF or Safari? So Safari behaves the same

You use Disqus for your comments and most likely some JS it uses messes up the content too. Check this article.

Noticed, that links in your page have vglink class and source doesn’t - that was the starter point. At first I thought it’s some browser feature, but then figured all browsers maybe wouldn’t do this and also your links have weird HTML structure. That’s when I figured this has to be some JS.

Unchecking the checkbox mentioned in the link did the trick. Thanks a lot. I knew it was something “on top of Grav”, but couldn’t find out what… :slight_smile: