Problem with backslash

Good afternoon, dear forum users. I have a website on GetSimple CMS and trying to transfer it to GRAV CMS. But i confront into a problem: on the old site at the end of URL stand a backslash

I’m trying to make this same in GRAV in the «appended URL extension» field, but nothing changes. If I type some letters, the link changes.
But with a backslash, no.
Help me please add it

Hey there, is your main concern that the links remain the same because you want them to, or because you don’t want the old links not to work any more? If it’s the latter, I have just checked it on one of my Grav installations, and would automatically get redirected to So that would be no problem. If you want the links to stay the same, I don’t know how to do that, sorry.

As a side note, this character / is simply called a slash, or forward slash, as it “leans forward”. A backslash is this: \ (as it “leans backward”). :slight_smile:

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You can try make the change you want in your .htaccess file.