Unable to Update: Beta Version

I am able to perform an update. Currently using a beta version.

Grav v1.7.0-beta.4 is now available [release date: Mon Jul 1 20:55:36 2019].
You are currently using v1.7.0-beta.2.
Would you like to read the changelog before proceeding? [y|N] n
Would you like to upgrade now? [y|N] y
Preparing to upgrade to v1.7.0-beta.4…
|- Downloading upgrade [4.65M]… 0%
In Response.php line 316:
Error while trying to download (code: ):
self-upgrade [-f|–force] [-y|–all-yes] [-o|–overwrite]

Update: I was unable to update via CLI, but using the admin panel I WAS able to update. I prefer to use to CLI to update and would like to troubleshoot as to why am I receiving an error.