[typhoon] How to add Mastodon to socials in footer


I need your help !

I can’t get a new social icon working in typhoon footer.
I’ve had mastodon__brands: “Mastodon” in blueprints.yaml and blueprints/modular/footer.yaml
I have a new entry in admin so i fill the form to
On the website, nothing appear (the code show my mastodon entry)
What i miss ? I’ve npm run build

Thank you

Any premium related issue/support request should go to dedicated Premium issues repository. Not many people here use Premium plugins or themes, so there’s only a very small chance you would get an answer on this forum

I’ve already made it

But thanks for your message

It’s been a month, so I would ask about the progress there :thinking:

I hope someone that use (or used) typhoon theme already found a solution.
Maybe it’s a bottle in the sea but it worth for me to post here

@acmartinsalmeida, You might try your luck on Discord. I believe there is more activity going on on that platform. You’ll need to love chat over forums though…

See the button at bottom of page Grav Discord Chat | Grav CMS to enroll.

I’ll give a try to discord

Hi, @acmartinsalmeida,
all that’s left to do in your case is just add some CSS

.bg-mastodon { 
  background-color: #6364FF;