Tutorial on how to import an HTML template into Grav Theme system?

Is there a nice tutorial on how to import an HTML template into Grav Theme system?

There are many templates out there and would be very convenient if there is a fast or easy way to translate those templates into Grav.

The following is an example that I would like to use in order to test Grav to see if I can use it with the Admin module to alter website content in an easy non technical way.

Thanks to make Grav open source
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I did this tutorial on how I picked an HTML theme, and moved it to the gravcart.com site here: Create a theme for a Grav site

Need to make it a bit more general and move it to the Learn site.

You can start fairly easily, by just dumping the full HTML theme in your theme’s base.html.twig template, then add the assets, and then you start adding different pages designs, merge in the pages content… and you can go as long as you want :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Flavio, I will follow your tutorial, I see that you created GravCart, it looks very nice!.

I have one more question: I have a relative that have some apartments to rent for short vacation periods, do you know if there is a Grav plugin for simple booking?
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As far as I know, there’s no such plugin, although it’s a good fit for one if you want to start building one.

I am sorry Flavio, but I am not a programmer, I do some web design stuff with a little HTML and CSS, nothing that gets complicated. I think it is more close to the shopping cart area, because if a person or a family wants to spend a weekend in a rural area away from the crowded cities they will need to pay the stay, a range between 35 to 70 euros for a day or two, so a shopping cart with that functionality would be ideal I guess.
Thanks for your time in responding and the tutorial.
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The link it broken!

I think you could also just copy and paste the entire html file body into the .md , markdown supports html.

Yes you can, but ideally HTML should live in the Twig file. I “allow myself” HTML in a markdown if it’s for small snippets (e.g. some complex links I cannot build with markdown), otherwise I try to find another way.