Turn of Colorize on Header

I am looking to turn off the blue colorize in the header, but cannot seem to be able to turn it off. How does one do this? I just would like it to be the image.

I’m not exactly sure which header your are referring to so I’m going to make a guess and say it’s the blog header from the blog-skeleton?

The main blog page rendering is controlled by the blog.html.twig template that resides in the antimatter theme. The full path to this file is: user/themes/antimatter/templates/blog.html.twig. In this file is a block that defines the content for the page:

{% block content %}
  {% set blog_image = page.media.images|first.grayscale().contrast(20).brightness(-100).colo rize(-35,81,122) %}

As you you see, the blog_image is obtained from the page’s list of media files (in fact it grabs the first image found, then applies a bunch of media filters. One of these is the colorize() filter. You can play around with it but, you probably just want to remove all of these if you want the image as-is :


Let me know if that solves your issue.

Yes that was exactly what I was needing. Thank you.