Match Blog Skeleton Header to Antimatter Header

I’m interested in adjusting the Blog Skeleton Header so that it matches the Header found in Antimatter.

Blog skeleton is actually using Antimatter theme already. To remove the graphic background of the blog list though, simply remove the body_classes from the frontmatter, and also remove the blog-header.jpg image file so that is not found and used.

Brilliant-- that worked perfectly for me. It seems like I’m able to keep the blog-header.jpg image file in the folder and still have it look alright. In the process of exploring the possibilities, I considered simply using the blog header image for the rest of the site, so it might be nice to have that image handy in order to quickly try out those changes. Many thanks!

I have to correct myself. Indeed, as @rhukster pointed out-- you need to remove the blog-header.jpg image. When it’s there, and with no mention of body_classes, there’s some wonkiness in terms of layout, and a missing image error.