Translate Form dropzone.js label and other messages

As I understand the form plugin uses the dropzone.js for file attachment.

I can’t find a solution how to translate default "drop your files here or click in this area " label into several languages? Other messages also should be translatable into multiple languages.

I thought that a:

$(function() {
			Dropzone.options.dropzoneForm = {
				dictDefaultMessage: "{{ trans('messages.dict_default_message') }}",
				dictFallbackMessage: "{{ trans('messages.dict_fallback_message') }}",

might be a possible solution, but it’s not.

Any thoughts?

Luckily it’s translatable through a variables.
But there is a small bug. My website’s default language is non English, but DropZone’s default message is in English despite if I override the translation.
So, small workaround - additionally override English label: