Time out during article redaction = loosing it


Hello guys,
I am using the 1.4.0 version and I’m facing regularly the same issue.
While I am writing an article using the admin panel, after a certain time, I need to relog into Grav admin otherwise I will have an invalid Token and this will make me loosing my article…

2nd time in few days, it is pretty annoying as I can write for 30mn to 1hr in a row.
I’ve just lost one now…

Any upcoming feature to fix this?

Thank you


Hi @karibu , have you tried updating to 1.41 and Admin 1.71?


Trying now.
I will let you know for my next article (Tomorrow hopefully)



In the configuration, tab system, you have the possibility to modify the session time-out .


It will also be fixed in upcoming admin 1.7.1 according to rhuk


Thank you guys!
I’ll change the setting.