This must be so simple....Antimatter's Blog config

I’m struggling to find what should be relatively simple. On the sidebar of Antimatter’s blog twig there are some config options that can be rendered. Where abouts are these set? Is it the theme’s yaml file? Cheers!

Antimatter’s blog sidebar is defined in - which option you have in mind in particular?

Rather than the actual coding of the sidebar, I mean the options that a config can switch it on or off

{% if config.plugins.archives.enabled %} For example. So, where is config.plugins.archives.enabled set?

In this file change the very first line enabled: false to enabled: true. If the file does not exist, copy it from /plugins/archives.

Thanks. I know it should be a matter of common sense, but there isn’t actually an explanation in the docs that you -need- the archive plugin installed to activate it on the sidebar. I know it should be obvious, but I was looking at it from too complicated an angle when it was simple!

I know from experience that writing documents is hard because the writers are typically experts, so they take some things for granted — that’s why I always try to read through all documentation at our company and then proceed to make a bunch of “stupid questions” to the dev who wrote it.

Some of the things I learned with a ton of trial and error:

  • Switch caching off in system.yaml when editing your site — otherwise you won’t see css-only changes because cache is only rebuilt when there are changes to .md files
  • Always setup a custom theme as a parent theme to your base theme (Antimatter, Landio, etc.) instead of directly editing the base theme (that’s called theme inheritance)
  • Don’t edit the original plugin config files or templates, but make copies instead (to /config/plugins and your custom theme folder)

The last two enable you to automatically update the theme/plugin (either with the command line or using the admin tool) without losing any changes.

Thanks very much!

Good advice Janne,