Theme Tail: CSS font color changes not working?

I changed the bright purple/blue font color in the Tail theme’s CSS to gray in all instances, hex code or RGBA code. However, refreshing the page doesn’t change anything. I also deleted my cache and tried in other browsers, to no avail. Can anyone point me in a helpful direction?

@lfl, Theme ‘Tail’ uses the css framework Tailwind, which has quite a different approach to styling. The idea is that you add ‘presets’ of styling (e.g. text-indigo-600) to the html elements in the templates.

So, if you want to change the colour of eg. the header ‘Joe Bloggs’ from indigo to gray, you will have to change file /themes/tail/templates/partials/header.html.twig and replace text-indigo-600 with text-gray-600 (or any other colour your prefer).

Contrary to my example, this should however not be done in Tail, but in an inherited theme. If you don’t you will loose all changes when Tail gets updated.

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