Theme inheritance with Quark Theme

Absolute Grav, css, php, etc. newbie here. I have followed the instructions at I created a myquark theme, copied over from partials footer.html.twig, made some modifications to it and had success with the modified footer displaying. I continued the instructions on creating a _custom.css file and added a change to the link color in that, compiled the new theme, checked myquark/css-compiled/theme.css to confirm the changes were made. I reset the cache on Grav and my browser. Upon inspecting the webpage in Safari, I see “/user/themes/quark/css-compiled/theme.min.css” is still served and the link color colors have not changed. If i add a myquark/css/custom.css file, then it is served after the quark/css-compiled/theme.min.css but that adds another file to download. My question is…

  1. Should not Grav serve the file from myquark/css-compiled instead of quark/css-compiled or is the problem that the compiling instructions should include minifying the theme.scss file and then will Grav serve up myquark/css-compiled/theme.min.css instead of quark/css-compiled/theme.min.css.

Sorry of the length of post!