Template Recommendation for non-blog site

Hi folks. I’m trying to create a personal notes site with sections for various hobbies, and am having trouble with the taxonomies. I figured maybe it’s because many of the themes are blog-oriented, so I thought it worth seeing if anyone can recommend a different theme or something.

My main requirements are:

  • Multiple sections (e.g. “Woodworking”, “Metalworking”, “Workshop Tools”, “Project Ideas”)
  • Each section may have several levels of sub-categories
  • Not date-oriented - this isn’t a blog; old articles are as valid as new
  • Global taxonomy - so if I’m in /woodworking the tags for metal working still work
  • Ideally some sort of “index” pages that show a summary of the lower pages

Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks.

For my other site, which is a technical knowledgebase, the Learn2 theme and Grav are working great :wink:

I think this one really could fill in your needs:

(It’s a week old, might need some expansion for all your needs, but has pretty good stuff in it)
Good luck :slight_smile: