Template Doesn't Update Until Save from Admin

I just noticed some odd behavior, and wanted to check if that is how is intended to be. Whenever I update a twig file for a page, I have to go to the page in the admin and save each page if I want that page’s template file to update and render correctly.

For example, I just changed a class in one of my template files from ‘btn’ to ‘button’, but the pages didn’t update until I went into the admin and clicked save.

Clearing browser cache doesn’t change it either.

Is this the intended functionality, or have I set something up incorrectly/missing a setting?

Hi, most likely the Twig cache is enabled, and it’s not re-triggered for refresh until the page is saved. Clear the cache manually and it should work.

Yep, Twig cache was enabled and that did it. Keeping that off for development. Thanks!