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I was wondering if anyone could help with my query. I have a site with the Antimatter theme and whenever you click on a Tag to see other posts that have that tag the page that displays is a bit “empty”. And by that I mean it lacks a header or title that shows you are viewing the Tag search results.

Does anyone know how I can tweak my template to put a header/title at the top of the tag result page?


@techielass According the docs on theme variables, the uri object is available in Twig.

You could add something like the following to template blog.html.twig somewhere around line 20:

{% if uri.param('tag') %}
   <h1>Blogs with tag: {{ uri.param('tag') }}</h1>
{% endif %}
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I presume you are making the changes in a child theme by using Theme Inheritance?

If not, your changes will be lost when Antimatter gets updated. And that would be a pity wouldn’t it…