Showing different headings on blog page

How can I modify blog.html.twig (e.g. in the Quark theme) so that it displays a different heading depending on whether I’m on:

  • the blog page itself (URL is /blog) - I want to see “Blog”
  • have arrived by clicking on a tag (URL is /tag:mytag) - I want to see “Subject: mytag”
  • using the Archives plugin (URL is /archives_month:may_2021) - I want to see “Month: May 2021”

Bonus: Is this described somewhere in the manual, so that I can bookmark it? Or is there a way I could discover the solution through debugging?

@johnsgp, You could use Uri to get the params.

An unpolished example:

{% set params = uri.params(null, true) %}

{% if not params %}
{% elseif params['archives_month'] %}
    {% set period = params['archives_month'] | split('_') %}
    <p>Month: {{ period[1] }} {{ period[0] | capitalize}} </p>
{% elseif params['tag'] %}
    <p>Subject: {{ params['tag'] | capitalize }}</p>
{% endif %}
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Thanks @pamtbaau - that is absolutely spot on! I didn’t think of using the URI params. I also found the reference in the documentation, at Theme Variables | Grav Documentation