Support Markdown Multiline Grid Tables

Hi guys,

First of all, I love Grav!

I’m trying to use it to keep some software product documentation (just like you do with, and as far as the web-side of things goes, everything is working great.

The problem is that I need to provide access to the same documentation in .pdf and .docx formats.

So I’ve decided to give Pandoc a chance (, and use it to transform whatever markdown files I have in my Grav instance to .pdf and .docx upon request.

All works great when converting to pdfs and docx, except for tables.

After digging around, found out that Grav currently only supports rmarkdown (simple piped) tables:
Alex Piped

What I desperatelly need is support for multiline grid tables:

These allow for multiline content in each cell (multiple paragraphs, lists, etc.) although still no option for colspan and rowspan.

Any ideea if the grid tables will be supported by Grav?

Or maybe anyone knows of a different path I could take, to easily convert all my Grav markdown files to a .pdf or .docx document?

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Grav provides support for standard markdown and markdown extra, but you can add support for any additional markdown syntax using a plugin, see for example or

There’s already this plugin that helps you convert a page to PDF file: but no docx support from what I see