Support for Sub-Folder And Sub-Domain Multi-Site?

I was just reading the docs about [Multisite]( setup and had a question.

Can Grav support a multi-site using BOTH a sub-folder and sub-domain structure?

So the Sub-Domains could be locations like or and then user profiles would be sub-folders as either or

these three URL’s would resolve to the same files/site (user sites)

but these will be different sites (location/group sites)

( is just a pseudo name)

If i have well understood your question, the answer is Yes !

The main issue i have is that the admin panel is not multisite : I have to duplicate for each domain or subdomain the admin plugins. Another litlle issue is that the folder for the image in the theme setup is the same for all domain and subdomain.

I am using Grav CMS since 1,5 month in a multisite setup and all the system is well working as i would like.

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thanks for the feedback! I’ve read about the admin not working yet for multi-site.

for now I just want to setup sub-folders where a user can edit their “profile” page. I’m thinking for that I might just be able to set them up as pages where each user is only allowed to edit a single page which is routed to[username]. In the future I’d love for each user folder to have a blog and other pages but not a different theme or at least a theme that is shared among all user sub-folders.[username]/blog.

The sub-domains would be like individual grav sites with full editing. I’d like to keep the logins and usernames unique within all of the pages/systems though (federated I think is the term).