Struggling setting up multiple forms

Hi guys,

one topic which I still can’t get fully my head around is about front-end forms.
I know how to setup a single form and did that successfully several times (call it setting up a contact form). Where I struggle is to setup multiple forms - not on one page - but on different pages eg. I have one specific form under ‘contact’, I have another form under ‘faqs’.

Assume following:
I got a contact page with a contact template assigned.
I renamed ‘’ to ‘’ and added the form structure in the file. Under my twig templates folder ‘form.html.twig’ calls

{% include "forms/form.html.twig" %}

In the Admin console I assign the ‘Form’ template to the ‘Contact’ page.
OK - all good this works. The ‘contact’ page loads the designated form and I can use the content editor for additional content.

My question is now how to assign a second form with the same principle?

Assume I have a page called ‘FAQs’ with ‘’ file. I have a blueprint file with custom fields associated to it (faqs.yaml). And I do have a twig template setup for faqs.html.twig with a unique layout. I would like to load the FAQ template echoing the custom fields setup (I got that stage running) with below the custom blueprint fields a frontend form. Renaming to does not work for me.

What’s the best way forward from here?

OK … solved it.

I suppose the mental-blank :no_mouth: was triggered by the assumption to have to convert any .md file who was supposed to cater as a form to a Which is incorrect.

In fact, you can setup several forms (multiple forms) within 1 file as explained here and then within the template twig files you can call any of the setup forms (within the .md file) with:

{% include "forms/form.html.twig" with { form: forms('contact-form') } %}

Sorry for the mind blank - but from the documentation it was not clear that to me 100% that one file shall handle all forms on the site.