Saving/reading content to/from filesystem and custom account management

Hello, I am new in GRAV and I have some questions.

  1. Is somewhere some advanced grav tutorial or explanation?
  2. I want to use GRAV for my page - I want to create system where would be some… for ex. elements and users can create and delete this elements and other non creator users can view this elements. I want to save element to files. How? I trying to understand how for example works user saving to account directory but it is almost impossible. All working somewhere in background. Ok, but where I can see what and how can I use all built-in functionality, for ex. for saving to specified files?
    If I should create custom plugin, it is very complex and nowhere is tutorial for use all functions and parameters for creating tailored plugin.
  3. User management - this works someway but probably only developers know how. I want advanced user management in admin page where I see all custom parameters of user accounts. I researched in login and admin plugin but nowhere is defined colums with user parameters. I thing I must edit system things?
  4. Profile page - I created my own user profile managemet page for users, but why it not loads existing parameters to fields? If I use built-in profile page by “mysite”/user_profile, all parameters are correctly loaded to fields. Where is the difference between custom and built-in user_profile page?

Can someone help? It is almost impossible to study over entire GRAV souces and without proper description of things it makes GRAV unusable even for a little more complex projects.

Hello @kumo, welcome to Grav!

If you have studied the documentation including the advanced section, browsed the Grav API, searched this forum and put in a pretty good amount of time in doing try-fail-repeat I’m not sure what we can help you with.

You might want to ask on the Grav Development channel on Discord but only after waiting a couple of days for answers here and notifying that you’ve posted the question(s) on this Grav forum before.

But the most important thing may be to break down your questions into more manageable chunks and supply as many config and code as you possibly can. Only then you may expect answers.