Star Ratings v2.0.1 plugin - why does not output work?

Hello friends, there is a site:

I installed the Star Ratings v2.0.1 plug-in and added the output code to the footer
{{stars (page.route)}}

But for some reason, the code does not work as it should, the place of output of the rating is displayed this code:

To create pages, I use the Gantry 5 plugin.

I just started to understand the basics of rabot with Grav, I will be very grateful to everyone who answered for any help. Thank you.

I figured I had to insert the code like this :slightly_smiling_face:
{{stars [page.route]}}

No, guys, I was wrong. For some reason, the plug-in works on the blog page
But it does not work on the page itself: (

@dydaevskiy Have you tried the default Quark theme?

{{ stars(page.route) }} seems to be working fine in /partials/blog-list-item.html.twig and inside the content of

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Unfortunately on my site the theme Helium v5.4.24 which is created for the designer gantry 5 is installed. And to insert into the particle the code as in your variant it does not turn out. But I managed to win, and thanks to you too.
In general, if you insert the following code in the constructor:
{{ stars(page.route, { options: { aggregate: { type: 'Blog', title: 'Article' } } }) |raw }}
everything turns out as it should, and the plugin works just fine.
Thank you for your help.

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