Stack-page - include a bunch of blocks with content from data.yaml file

Here is the use case I want to achieve:

I have a list of URLs to external articles I want to put on a respective page and be able to easily add new over time.
The best would be if I could pull those from a multiple .yaml files which will work more like a “DB” so I never touch the post/page itself, just reference data.yaml and those pieces of information are displayed on front end.
This is what that would roughly look like to give you the idea (link to image):

How can I achieve this with Grav?

Actually official Grav plugin directory is exactly what I want to build (the only difference I will have multiple pages like these for different categories):

Maybe you’re looking for something like this?

@jpgiago kind of but I will have multiple .yaml files (each file = different page/category) so not sure can I do that with this plugin.