Spell Check?

Anyone have a method for spell checking in the Grav editor?

That’s not currently possible due to the nature of the CodeMirror editor we use. We are looking at some alternatives that would allow this, but that’s not something that can be done quickly.

Anyway, we are aware, and want this feature for ourselves, so have patience :slight_smile:

My workaround is this:
pop “$(‘textarea[name=data\[content\]]’).show()” in the console. That shows the textarea underlying the editor. It’s set to have spell check false which doesn’t bother me as I’m using Grammarly and that still kicks in. If you rely on your browser you need to line of JS in the console.

When I’m done correcting I copy and paste the entire content of the textarea to the editor.

@rhuster: If that last bit was possible by JS than we could easily add the functionality in the editor nav to get a raw view with spell check and jump back with all changes. That would be awesome.

I meant: “two lines of JS”, sorry
2nd one being: $(‘textarea[name=data\[content\]]’).attr(‘spellcheck’, ‘true’)