Looking for Theme Similar to WordPress Sydney by athemes

I’ve looked through the existing themes available for Grav but can’t quite find a perfect match for the new WordPress Sydney theme https://wordpress.org/themes/sydney/ which is powering the theme of this really well done site by Winston Moy http://www.winstonmoy.com/ which I want to try and emulate for my own blog. I really like how he has bright and bit images that rotate through recent posts.

of the currently available Grav themese I found SoraArticle and Ceevee to be the closest. Ceevee has the large full screen image but not the scrolling posts like SoraArticle. Is there a Grav theme that I missed that might be closer to the Sydney theme? If not can a wordpress theme be converted to Grav?

There is the notepad theme, which is quite similar: https://demo.getgrav.org/notepad-skeleton/

Or maybe you could use the upcoming Quark theme that might look similar.

That said, this is a theme that could definitely be ported to Grav.

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Is there a link to the Quark theme or github repo?

Hi @briankb, repo is at https://github.com/getgrav/grav-theme-quark and but no online demo yet.

Note that Quark will be part of the Grav 1.4 release, which is in beta. You can download and explore a beta build at https://getgrav.org/downloads (scroll down).

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How could I make the main photo and text on this theme (https://demo.getgrav.org/ceevee-skeleton/) rotate through posts?

the soraarticle theme has the rotation but not the look and feel of ceevee.

Found and installed the Helium theme/skeleton which is the demo for Gantry 5 system and it is almost perfect. If you go into the Gantry 5 settings for the main area you can enable autoplay for the carousel.