Sora Article Theme

I have been trying to modify the SoraArticle theme.

Can anyone tell me where the header is located? I am trying to change the header and cannot seem to locate it. It does not appear to be in the site.yaml file.

Secondly, when I change the folders in the user file, the navigation does not seem to update.

Any help or guidance where to find the answers would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @pbassi, so you mean the header that says “SoraArticle”? If so, this is actualy a graphic so you could replace the existing logo.png file in the user/themes/sorarticle/images folder. However, to make a change like this that would be always kept even with future theme updates it is best to setup an inherited theme

Regarding the main navigation, this theme does not use a standard approach (where the menu is based on actual pages) but rather looks like it is pre-defined in the site.yaml file:

    - text: Menu Item
      url: "#"
    - text: Another Item
      url: "#"
    - text: One more
      url: "#"
    - text: Contact
      url:  page:contact

Changing those items in the site.yaml file should get you going with a custom menu.

Please let me know how things go.

Thank you very much. I was able to change the menu with the info you provided. I also found the code that allowed me to swap out the logo.

When I followed the instructions for creating a child them it seemed to:

  1. break the link to the logo image

  2. Broke the slider that is present at the top

Can you give me some ideas abi=out how to trouble shoot this?


Ricky Bass

Hi @pbassi, if you can make a ZIP file of your inherited theme and send it to me at paul [at] hibbittsdesign [dot] org I could take a quick look at things.

UPDATE: It looks like the location of the theme’s images folder is a bit hard-wired. If you copy that folder to your new mytheme folder I think that could be it.