Some Questions to events Plugin

I think I don’t understand the events plugin correctly.
I want 4 things:
At first I want that the Events in my Menu are sorted by date and second at folder.
For example you can look at:
So actual it is:
It should:

Linux Presentation Day
since the next Linux Presentation Day is in November.

Second, I want that there are shown Dates from the events in my Menu
15.05.2018 Stammtisch
09.06.2018 Tuebix
19.06.2016 Stammtisch

At Third on “Aktuelles” Page ( Menu -> aktuelles )
there is only shown the next Stammtisch I want, that there are all events Shown and sorted by date.

And at the last and fourth point on the events pages ( Menu -> aktuelles -> stammtisch ) there is shown the actual Event and the event I’ve clicked at.
Are there any options that I only show the event I’ve clicked at and not the actual event?

The Code of my Pages are at:

Sorry I must strip down some links and images because new users are only allowed to post one Picture an two links