[SOLVED] Space above anchors


  • I’m trying to make my own modular theme inheriting from Quark.
  • I’ve set the header and the footer to ‘display: none’.
  • I’ve zeroed out the margins and paddings of a lot of tags.
  • The individual custom modules have a height of 100vh because I want them to fill the whole screen.
  • I use JavaScript to click the links with a time interval, making it a presentation.

The problem is that there is still a space as high as the header above my anchors. Where does it come from?

Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure that you are going for the best way.
You are still creating the element in the dom, even if you display: none; them.
Why don’t you change the twig file to remove the header and the footer ?

It’s just me not knowing what to do.

I don’t want the header to show but I do want the navigation part for anchor links for my script to click.

I’d inspect the page in your browser’s development tools. In both Firefox and Chrome at least, you can hower with the mouse over elements to see what space they occupy and check which styles are active.

Btw, there is a full page plugin. Maybe you want something like this?

The fullpage-plugin seems great.