[solved] Page variable conflict (?) when including another page on a page

I have a set of pages that use a specific template “example.html.twig”. All the pages that use this template have a common section after their main content, but ONLY if a specific frontmatter variable is NOT set. So I have this bit of code after the main content section in my base.html.twig:

{% block extra %}
  {% if page.header.status != "whatever" %}
    {% include 'partials/example.html.twig' with {'page': page.find('/extra', true)} %}
  {% endif %}
{% endblock %}

This basically works, but only the heading is taken from the /extra page – the text is the same as in the main section of that page. So I’m thinking there might be a conflict between the page variables in use? But which would I change, and how?

Really grateful for any ideas!

Hi. What do you mean by :

Can you copy the content of that /extra page, and show us what you want to extract ?
Also, an excerpt of the content of partials/example.html.twig could help.

Basically, all what you do is loading the /extra page by using include 'partials/example.html.twig', but with a variable specification, that will be processed by the included page itself.

Then, you use with {'page': page.find('/extra', true)}. It seems ok, except the , true part, wich I’ve never seen before. Could you try without it ?

Hello Romarain,
thank you so much for your reply! It helped me figure out what was wrong, and it was a simple thing really.

First of all, I copied the with {'page': page.find('/extra', true)} bit from somewhere in the Grav docs I think. I have no idea what that true is supposed to do, and omitting it or substituting false doesn’t change a thing. Possibly this was a useful parameter in an earlier version that has lost its meaning?

And my error was in the extra.html.twig file! It looked like this:

<section class="section extra clearfix">
    <div class="wrapper">
        <h2>{{ page.header.title }}</h2>
        {{ content }}

And when I put {{ page.content }} there instead of just {{ content }}, it all worked perfectly as intended. :smiley:

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Well done ! :+1: I’m happy to have helped.

When using a variable needing to access a page frontmatter in a template, we always should precise what’s the object. There’s two objects very usefull in Grav : page() and pages(), wich can be accessible in the python-style chaining : page.stuff.substuff… etc.

The page() object automatically build some things, like “header”, wich is the frontmatter and can be accessed with page.header. And from here, we can point to a yaml field, like page.header.title.