Snappy pdf with images

I have set the Absolute URLs in system.yaml but still in the pdf file I just get rectangles.

I use both html img tag and markdown img syntax and also html image maps but none of them is rendering in the pdf, only a rectangle is all I get.

Probably it has not changed the system.yaml used by the system. I tried it on your site that you sent me last time and actually there are several system.yaml. The right one for you can find it in the system/config folder, the parameter is in the first line, then you change in absolute_urls: true and images appear

… I forgot, then clear the cache …

there seems to be something magic in it… The site I have sent you is giving file not found for the completepdf called for the same subpage. Have tried copying the amd64 wkhtml and modified the path of it in the plugin’s yaml still that is not working.

So I have snappypdf working on a newly downloaded grav and on that there is just two of these system.yaml files, in the system and in the user folders, now both of them starts with the absolute_urls: true. I have deleted everything from the cache folder. Tried/checked this multiple times, still no images.

Anyway to look at a log/debug this setting?

I send you back your site zipped functioning, 25 MB instead of 8MB because it contains the vendor folder

SElinux was preventing the execution of the script to include the access the image files. After disabling SElinux it works just fine.