Slow load time, then it becoms fast


Got some performance trouble with my site loading “Time to First Byte” slow.
When I’m on the site, it’s extremely fast.

I tried:
• Disabling/enabling cache
• Disabling/enabling advanced page cache
• Moved to another server
• Got all PHP extensions Grav recomends running

The site is running SSL, but it’s even slow without SSL
Made a static version on the site, and it loads extremely fast aswell, so it’s not the content. Tried making a ping to the backend and it’s slow aswell.

any idears?

I’m on a shared server but only using minimal of the CPU/memory

Using pingdom first ping I’m getting: 5.37 s
If i ping it again i’m getting: 322 ms

Note that Time to First Byte (TTFB) refers to the response-time from when the server first responds (ref). This is unaffected by the content or scripts running on the server, and optimizing Grav will not improve TTFB-performance, nor will the server-performance itself affect it.

Rather, TTFB indicates whether the server responds to any request in a timely manner, and that initial result with Pingdom would indicate that the server is unreachable for 5.37s, which is a problem between the client and server - not the server itself.

You should check with the host of the shared server if they are experiencing any problems, and if possible provide them with a traceroute to show the problem manifestly.

Thanks for the reply!

Seems like I got TTFB wrong. It’s the “load time”, what pingdom calls “Wait”. So it’s properly something with PHP/cache. The static HTML-version gets about 150 ms