Simplesearch Self-Controlled Page configuration doesn't work: it always display results even before launching a search


I’m trying to configure Simplesearch to have Self-Controlled Search Page, according to GitHub - getgrav/grav-plugin-simplesearch: Grav SimpleSearch Plugin.

I have a simple blog page, where I have added a simplesearch header as described on the doc:

title: Blog
  items: '@self.children'
  limit: 5
    by: date
    dir: desc
  pagination: true
  url_taxonomy_filters: true
  process: true
  route: '@self'
    - '@self'
  filter_combinator: and

And now when I go on the blog page, I no longer have the list of my articles but the display of the results (which is empty because I did not launch a search).
I see in the debug bar that simpleearch_result is called : info Routed to page /blog (type: simpleearch_results).
If I understand what is written in the doc, it is the blog template that should be called instead, even if a search is launched from this page (and in this case the collection is replaced by the search results).

I guess I’m missing something… so your help is welcome :slight_smile:

I’m using Grav v.1.7.7 and SimpleSearch v2.2.1 (with default settings)
Reproduced with grav skeleton onepage site

@kolsim, I cannot get it to work either…

There are old issues reported (#51, #118) in 2016/2017 resembling yours. A fix was suggested, but I cannot get that to work either (Antimatter, nor Quark).

You might consider creating a new issue.

Thank you for your response @pamtbaau

So I have opened an issue: #197

To be continued :slight_smile: