SimpleSearch Not Working


I am working on a new test site and cannot seem to get the SimpleSearch to work … no matter what I type into the field (using real words from a test post or page) … all I get is …

“Search Results
Query: post found 0 results”

So, far I’ve played with the default settings, but no solutions yet. Currently, I have everything set to the default options.

This is also happening on another live site too.


Brian U

The default setup for SimpleSearch is going to search in all pages that have a taxonomy of category: blog.

Do your pages have this? have you changed this filter in your user/config/plugins/simplesearch.yaml ?

I left the filter in place and double checked the test post to make sure it was categorized as “blog”. Still no go.

It is working on one other client site though, checking to see if there are any differences I can spot.

do you have the category taxonomy defined in site.yaml?

Yes, they are set to …


  • category
  • tag

I changed the configuration files very little. I am trying to create a basic site installer for myself with all my favorite plugins, mostly just the basics.

Maybe send me a PM (see bottom right) with a link to a ZIP of your site, and I can see if anything jumps out at me.

Ok so your problem is your Page has a category of Blog but it should be blog. Works then.

So, case sensitive. Thx!

Where did you find the Page category which was defined with an uppercase ?
I guess I have the same problem, my search result is “Query: post found 0 results” too.
I checked in all files and “category: blog” is always set in lowercase, but I guess Page category is set differently ?
Thanks :slight_smile: