Search functionality for simplesearch isn't working

I recently installed SimpleSearch and it doesn’t display any search results for content that does exist. I even search the title of the post it’s self and it doesn’t even show that. What’s up?

If you’re using the Admin plugin, go in the Simplesearch settings and make sure it’s setup with the correct filters (e.g. which taxonomy it should search).

If you having some issues, the best place to start is with the blog skeleton. That will be ready to go with simple search as it’s the one we do the most testing with.

By that I mean the simplesearch is pre-configured to work there, and might need some tweaking to work with your custom theme/content.

Thanks guys! It was categories weren’t set correctly.

Same here. I would like an answer to this as well.

@Derin please provide some more details, what’s the content of user/config/plugins/simplesearch.yaml?