Simplesearch docs - oversight

The Simplesearch Readme fails to say that a search string of 3 or fewer characters is silently ignored.

Might be good if the default version reported that the string was too short. Took me a while to realise this.

That’s a JS thing, not really a limitation in the search itself.

Thank you for extending the search to taxonomy values. That’s good.

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I’m not complaining because the search string needs to be 4+ long; what I’m saying is that the user (a visitor to the site) needs to know. Otherwise they’ll enter ‘Ham’ and on getting silence, they’ll conclude search doesn’t work (and downgrade their estimation of the site). Eg the plugin could count the length and offer message ‘please enter at least 4 characters’. Or I guess the developer could put that message on the page, by the search box; but still the developer needs to know that limitation and be aware that a message needs to be put on the page, so if you’re going to rely on the developer there needs be a note in the docs.

I hope this doesn’t sound ungrateful. It’s an essential feature and I think it’s a great plugin.

No worries, it’s not released yet, but I just added a configuration option for this:

That’s the stuff. (Thinks: it’s time I got my head round blueprints …)