Silly pagination problem

Hi there,
again the grav newbie with a crazy problem: I’m just migrating from wp to grav. My website is simple, but large. I am using the standard Quark theme.
When I set the main blog page to display 10 items per page, the pagination shows 19 pages in the footer, and this is correct.
From page 1 to 17 I can click and enter the corresponding page. Clicking to page 18 is difficult, because the mouse pointer only shows a clickable link at a very small region. But however, page 18 is reachable with a little attention.
Page 19 is absolutely not reachable! The mouse pointer never indicates that 19 is clickable.

This happens on all of my computers and I tried 3.
Adjusting the number of items to 20, which halves the number of pages, everything is in order.
Any hint for my problem?


@berni51, I guess that’s because the list of pages exceeds the with of the column and overflows below the content of the sidebar.

Try to make the <ul class="pagination"> wrap, by adding the following to ‘/user/themes/quark/css/custom.css’:

.pagination {
    flex-wrap: wrap;



Thx @pamtbaau, but it did’nt work: No wrap at all.

@berni51, Odd… It is working fine in a clean Grav 1.6.26 installation of the “Blog Site” skeleton using Quark and a bunch of extra blog items added…

  • Did you refresh the browser’s cache?
  • Does the added css show up in the developer tools of the browser?
    • If not, is ‘custom.css’ being loaded?
    • If it does, is it being overridden by another selector in css?

Hey @berni51 - I just took a quick look at your bullet500 enfield blog (as a motorbike addict, the URL got my interest…) and as I see in the developer tools, there is no
flex-wrap: wrap; CSS as @pamtbaau proposed - where did you add this ?

@pamtbaau: I feel that I made anything wrong, but I don’t know, what. I wrote the modification into custom.css in the Quark folder. custom.css was empty until I changed it.
Then I cleared the cache, but nothing is wrapped.

@hoernerfranz: What you see under is the site with Wordpress. The grav-version is under bullet500/grav, as it is still under test.


@berni, This is what I get when I browse to your Grav site… The custom.css is loaded as can been seen in the screenshot.

Did you really clear the cache in the browser when refreshing the page?

@berni51: I saw your site is WP, ATM, but found the grav test site anyway :smile:
@pamtbaau: yes, that is also what I can see now.

@pamtbaau and @hoernerfranz: Sorry, my fault. I only cleared the grav cache :flushed: . Thanks a lot for your kind assistance. Works perfect now.

Kind regards

@berni51, A caffe latte will make up for that…

With pleasure, @pamtbaau. Just looking for the thank-you-box.

@hoernerfranz: nice website, lovely little BMW.


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