Sidebar in "Striped" theme

I admit I’m kinda stumped. How does one change/split-up the sidebar in the Striped theme? I’ve been hunting through the package download, looking through YAML files, and config files and man, I must be missing something obvious.

  1. Inherit the theme as per the docs. (This is optional, but best practice.)

  2. Edit templates/partials/sidebar.html.twig as you see fit.

That’s a file I was looking in. It includes the CONTENTS of the sidebar, but not the POSITION of the sidebar (unless I am missing something).

I tried looking in the main.css file, but even though there’s a section there for the Sidebar, maybe I’m too dumz to figure out “where’s the part that says to float the dang sidebar RIGHT instead of LEFT under the nav?”

Analyzing the elements…

Looks like the navigation and the items below are all one big long sidebar. Hm, I would rather be able to keep the nav on the left and then put all the rest in a skinny sidebar on the right. I could munge it if I knew more.

Any advice on achieving that would be helpful.

That’s what base.html.twig does.

Replied to your other email with same topic :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: