Shortcode-Gallery not functioning with Quark

Normally the shortcode gallery works out of the box (for example with the Bootstrap4 theme). Now I wanted to use it with Quark, but the images are not displayed correctly, but the fallback.jpg is displayed. Has anyone had the same experience or can anyone help me?

Sounds like you’re providing wrong images path. More info needed.

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This still doesn’t say much. How does your content look like in both cases? A couple of images would be enough as an example

@idna, Your test site is throwing an error in the console at line 124 of the page: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ','

Your code is missing values:

    rowHeight: ,                                 <-- line 124
    margins: ,
    lastRow: "justify",
    captions: true,
    border: ,

Your working site:

    rowHeight: 250,
    margins: 5,
    lastRow: "justify",
    captions: true,
    border: 0,
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Thank you! That helped me!

I inserted the missing values in the plugins settings and the images were displayed correctly.
Thanks again