Setting up plugin core plus add-ons on GitHub

Now that my plugin is nearing it’s first test release I’m seeking good examples of how to setup GitHub.

The plugin consists of a generic core with add-ons similar to the Shortcode Core plugin with it’s shortcodes which reside in separate PHP classes. My add-ons are more than just a class file and each resides in it’s own directory inside the plugin directory structure.

My aim is to bundle the plugin with a couple of add-ons. At the same time I would prefer to have a separate (sub?)repository for each add-on.

As this is all new to me I would greatly appreciate advise from you more experienced people.

PS I hope to show some screenshots later today and make a test release available in the next couple of days.

I definitely recommend using any of our Grav ‘core-team’ plugins as examples. Any plugins that have relationships can be setup via blueprints with dependencies. That way the required plugin will be installed first. This is how shortcode plugin works. Also the docs cover most of the basics

The plugin I’m working on actually depends on the Shortcode Core plugin and this works well. I assume I have to extend the way that dependency works towards the dependencies between my add-ons and the base or core plugin.