Setting Grav to display frontend in Spanish

Please advise what to do in order to set GRAV to display the frontend languaje in Spanish.

Luis R

@lerg57, Have you tried the docs on Multi-Language ?

And do you mean Admin, or the output of bare Grav?

Yes. I read it but I was not able to implement it. Maybe it is because I do not have to much expertise. I only would like to appear the front end in spanish along with the dates as in wordpress.
Reading the manual it looks like the theme has to be set to the wanted languaje. I have the default theme.
I’ll appreciate letting me know if there is a theme set for spanish
Luis R

The default theme Quark comes with a Spanish translation, just look at the language.yaml file.

Please explain what you did and which step you couldn’t do or failed at.

Sorry to delay in answering. I do this on weekends.
I would like to appear the dates in latin or spanish format dd/mm/yy in the output

I assume you mean the dates that appear, for example, on blog pages, etc.
Have you visited the twig docs about this?. You have to use the localizeddate extension from twig.
For example, you could use this:
{{|localizeddate(‘medium’, ‘none’, ‘es’) }}, in your twig template.