Set Date format for blog posts to standard American mm/dd/yyyy

I have managed to get the dates of my blog posts to display like this:

27th Nov 2015 

But I would rather have this:

Nov 27, 2015

I’ve searched through the myriad blueprint and yaml and css and scss files but I can’t find where this would be controlled. Help!

“Pages” section of system.yaml:

Adjusted the long and short date formats to ‘M jS Y’ in /user/config/system.yaml - works like a charm. Thanks!

@Perlkonig How can date format be set per supported language?

I’m afraid I don’t do the multilingual thing. There really should be a way to do this, but I dint know what it is. There is a set of Twig extensions that will localize dates :

Thanks @Perlkonig

The filter localizeddate('long', 'short', html_lang) available form the Intl twig extension does the job to get a localized datetime format.