Server Error: E_NOTICE - spl_autoload_register()


I am having some issues that began after updating to v.1.7.5.

First the site was blank (see my post here).
I updated, again, to v1.7.7 and updated PHP to v8.0.
Then I got an error with the MATOMO plugin.
I uninstalled the MATOMO plugin and now I am having the following error:

### E_NOTICE - spl_autoload_register(): Argument #2 ($do_throw) has been ignored, spl_autoload_register() will always throw

The last input at the log file can be see here:

Any idea how to fix my mess?

Thanks in advance.

@icamps, Plugin ‘Shortcodes’ is 6 years old and not compatible with PHP 8.

spl_autoload_register() will now always throw a TypeError on invalid arguments, therefore the second argument do_throw is ignored and a notice will be emitted if it is set to false .

According this PHP 8 migration document:

I uninstalled the MATOMO plugin.

That error is after that.

@icamps, It is plugin Shortcodes that throws the error about spl_autoload_register()

I see!

Thank you very much! Removing it solve the problem. The site is back!