Struggling to get the basics working. PHP Error

Hello everyone. I’m new to the Linux and webserver world. I’m trying to teach myself some new stuff, so I’ve been working on an Ubuntu box hosted on Amazon, with Apache2 and PHP7 installed. I’ve can verify that all the needed modules are installed, but when I try to hit my test site I get this following error: any help would be appreciated.

bin/grav install"); } if (PHP_SAPI == ‘cli-server’) { if (!isset($_SERVER[‘PHP_CLI_ROUTER’])) { die("PHP webserver requires a router to run Grav, please use:

php -S {$_SERVER[“SERVER_NAME”]}:{$_SERVER[“SERVER_PORT”]} system/router.php

“); } } use Grav\Common\Grav; use RocketTheme\Toolbox\Event\Event; if (version_compare($ver = PHP_VERSION, $req = GRAV_PHP_MIN, ‘<’)) { die(sprintf(‘You are running PHP %s, but Grav needs at least PHP %s to run.’, $ver, $req)); } // Register the auto-loader. $loader = require_once $autoload; // Set timezone to default, falls back to system if php.ini not set date_default_timezone_set(@date_default_timezone_get()); // Set internal encoding if mbstring loaded if (!extension_loaded(‘mbstring’)) { d ie(”‘mbstring’ extension is not loaded. This is required for Grav to run correctly"); } mb_internal_encoding(‘UTF-8’); // Get the Grav instance $grav = Grav::instance( array( ‘loader’ => $loader ) ); // Process the page try { $grav->process(); } catch (\Exception $e) { $grav->fireEvent(‘onFatalException’, new Event(array(‘exception’ => $e))); throw $e; }

Looks like PHP is not working at all. A simple PHP hello world does work?