Seo magic plugin: meta images configuration - first image found does not work


I am using SEO magic plugin and according to the documentation the order of setting the og:image is supposed to be og-image.jpgog-image.pngFirst image foundDefault URL. Each blog post has an image at the top so I would expect that unless there is an og-image.jpg or og-image.png in the page folder the blogpost image would be set as og:image. But it doesn’t - it falls back to the default-URL.

Has anyone figured out how to correctly use SEO magic? Grateful about any pointers.

@Bette, All questions related to Premium themes/plugins can be asked at GitHub - getgrav/grav-premium-issues: Official Grav Premium Issues repository to report problems or as, where you will be served by the devs themselves…

There should be a pinned topic with a link to issues repo for premium plugins and themes :slight_smile:

@Karmalakas, Or maybe the ‘Tip’ at the top of Premium theme/plugins docs should be marked more clearly… :wink:


Just a suggestion :wink: This keeps happening quite often and I believe lots of people go straight to forum if encountered a problem :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, as you can probably tell I am quite new to grav and have to get to know the ‘rules’ yet. :wink: To create an issue if I just did not understand how to use the plugin correctly just seemed a bit too much. But have done now, thanks.