Selectize field "lose" custome values

Hi again,

I try to figure out if this a normal behavior or not. But I think I do something wrong.

Code is like this:

                  type: selectize
                  label: Icon Options
                      - text: fa-fw
                        value: fa-fw
                      - text: fa-lg
                        value: fa-lg
                      - text: fa-x2
                        value: fa-x2
                    type: commalist

And if I only take the option as given under “options:” everything is working as expected. But when I put some custom options in it and save it, all the custom ones are gone. In “Expert”-mode is see it in the header part of the file like:

                - fa-fw
                - 'hello there'
                - 'General Kenobi'

But after saving the page, all the costum Options are gone.

Maybe someone can give me a hint?

Thanks and allbest,


@KMJ_MJ, Unfortunately, I can reproduce the behaviour you observed and have no hint for you…

After some debugging, it seems to be related to the javascript used by the Admin panel to simulate a selectize field.

I have created an issue at the repo of the Admin panel. You might want to subscribe to the issue to following its responses/progress.

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Hi pamtbaau,

wow thanks for this.